Meet Veronica Veronika is a beautiful heart of our team, bringing ideas and soulful inspiration in the art works. Open mind person speaking 5 languages, marketing expert degree and many other things, passionated by the cars, music, art and human brain abilities.

Meet Sergio Durante Being passionate about art and working in the field of advanced technologies for decades, I felt the need to integrate these two seemingly distant worlds, with the aim of arousing admiration and respect for our universe, the concepts of peace and respect for our planet.

About us Our artworks are made with recycled carbon fibers, a process that we carry out internally starting from end-of-life components from the world of motorsport or civil and military aeronautics. The processing of layup of the fibers with resins is done entirely by hand and so is the finish and super surface finish. The exclusive coloring process we use is also carried out by mixing all the components by hand.

Craftsmanship, high engineering. Carbon fiber materials are widely used in a variety of areas where the weight and mechanical strength of the object are determining factors or in consumer products simply for aesthetic purposes. The transport sector, where the lightness of the vehicle is associated with lower fuel consumption, carbon fiber is a material of inestimable value . The Boeing 787 is built in part from carbon fiber.

Coloring style